Project Management

Having an experienced design/build partner on your team provides peace-of-mind knowing that all critical project phases are recognized and addressed up front, saving time and money on your project by eliminating costly overruns and back-end corrections as your project progresses. RSPL Project Manager ensures clear and timely coordination amongst all team players to ensure an on-time, on-budget delivery of all project facets.

The Project Management Program provides the link between the water park’s requirements and the Master Plan. It describes, in simple numbers, the unique guest elements and facilities that will provide an efficient and profitable park operation. Careful consideration is given to the expectations of the target audience and to the attendance fluctuations for indoor and outdoor park components. The goal is to create a park that is well balanced, correctly sized, appropriately budgeted and aimed at the right market.

The most successful projects employ a coordinated and consistent process to manage all necessary program elements, ensuring accountability amongst team members and adherence to project costs and timelines. For projects like resorts and indoor/outdoor water parks that involve multiple facets and partners working together throughout the development process, RSPL’s Project Management provides the oversight and coordination you need to ensure an on-time, on-budget delivery of your overall project.

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