One of our key-competences is turn-key Leisure and Resorts project development. We deliver complete project from begin to end, which is unique in the industry. The turn-key process includes all of the steps involved to develop, open and operate a project including the site selection, master planning, feasibility, business plan, concept development, construction coordination, complete installation, pre-opening planning, training and post-opening operational support.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan

Our feasibility study explores all the possibilities and describes different main topics such as investment budget, exploitation budget, planning and effects of the exploitation afterwards for the leisure and resort business. We provide with an in depth and operational business plan on how to reach a set of goals and how to operate a successful new venture. The results of our study is to give direction to the principal in order to make a well-advised decision for a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ on further project development.

Master Planning:

We develop master plan for every resort or leisure project. Setting the framework for the investment and development in master planning. We start with a spot plan and follow up with a master plan, creating the basis of planning, define the investment budget and decide on the ideal location for the project. The plan involves logistical routing, operational efficiency, government limitations, site specifications. This plan is the basis throughout the entire development process of the project.


We Create a program during the development of a leisure park or resort is inevitable. The process of program can be explained as describing the big idea into every detail and make the ideas buildable. Program includes defining the objectives, the unique selling points, segmentation and target groups, amount of square meters and the amount of key rooms. All information for every section can be found in the design briefs we produce. The design briefs are a source of reference and basis for design, architects and to determine further specifications.

Concept & Product Development

Concept & Product development within the leisure industry, RSPL is the right partner for you. We develop original leisure facilities and (sports)activities as well as completely new types of resorts and holiday parks. Starting with an initial idea and concept to operation and final product development. We launch and implement the ideas into the market. We create leisure and sports activity for kids in the age of 4 to 12 years.

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