We have experience with both top international rides and domestic water rides. We ensure that all slides commissioned are safe in terms of performance, slide geometric design, water flow, and vehicle or rider class. We check all the relevant standard and guidelines based on the water slide type and adapt the slide design to accommodate. Our work includes customer interaction and site support to create the best solution to each project.  The RSPL Team continually monitor and improves systems to validate the safety and performance of water slides.

RSPL engineering services include project management and monitoring of slides supplied by OEM includes: slide path design and execution, structural support systems, tower and functional design, hydraulic and mechanical design. Our team will support work monitoring with ride OEM engineer and to ensure that quality and safety are implemented at each stage of the project.

Our team of expert and experience in ride engineering industries will guide you right kind of Water, Amusement, Adventure rides that attract public and footfall to your rides. They will help you selecting in terms of cost benefit analysis, right kind of manufacturers(OEM) , Pros and Cons of technical analysis, negotiations, contracts and its ease of operations and maintenance.

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