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Theme Park & Resort need an extensive guest experience with 100% availability, reliability and maintainability. Designing your system can be as simple as replacing cash registers or as comprehensive as redesigning every aspect of your operation. An extensive revenue management and admission control system may involve ticketing for general admission, inventory management for food and retail, events and passes, group sales with a customer database, payments, statements and consignment tickets, remote kiosks and Internet ticketing , park wide music, video & advertisement, building access control, FAS system, animatronics and control, building management, CCTV & Command Centre, public announcement, parking management, admission control scanning, validation and usage logging all need an integrated service oriented architecture over a web and mobile apps will make your park easily accessible, safe & secured and enjoyable for the day and like to visit again.

We design your WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure) for all IT system i.e IT Infrastructure, Business Application, ERP System, Ticketing Revenue System, Retail & F&B Revenue System, Website & Online Booking, Channel Partner Integration, Ticket Stationaries, Animatronics, FAS, CCTV, BMS, Park Music & Announcement, Data centre, Parking Management, Admission control, POS and other Hardware system as one integrated service. We recommend you to buy product and we are there for you to Plan, design and deliver in time.
We provide you online ticketing, kiosk, mobile, e-mail delivery, and on-site ticketing platforms. The ticketing platform will suffice your group sales, corporate sales , Institutional sales with individual / group packages, custom ticket types, add-ons, memberships, loyalty programs, discounts, and custom API integrations with resellers plus 3rd party distributors and channel managers i.e PayTm, BMS, MMT and more.
Development of admission control systems with turnstiles and speed gates with custom software for handheld and fixed scanning devices to support RFID wristbands and cards, barcode & QR code scanning, biometric validation, mobile ticket validation, and other entry methods.
We create and implement centralized Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for amusement park ticketing, retail, plus food and beverage sales. We design robust hardware system tested with your application and OS with payment gateway and processor integrations to support various payment types including credit, debit, EMV, gift cards, mobile payments, and more.
We design way finding apps and digital signage maps integrated to traffic flow management modules for restricted access settings and crowd density forecasting. We develop a centralized visitor and employee databases for real-time tracking with intelligence dashboards and analytics. We build special events management modules including venue booking, activities booking, itinerary creation, and visitor registration.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integration including inventory management, financial management / accounting, CRM, human resources, and more. We program vendor management systems including contract management, vendor sourcing, RFI / RFP / RFQ management with integrated billing and payments modules.
Development of custom Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) including park maintenance scheduling, predictive / preventative maintenance, employee task assignment, work order creation / tracking and historical data. Safety and security software programming including surveillance, smart locks, restricted access management, and more.
We design and consolidate your entire CCTV system for indoor rides, outdoor rides, Public gathering places , retail outlets , F&B outlets , perimeter zones and parking with video analytics software as required by customers. Our engineering and design team will evaluate your Video traffic and video storage management properly to avoid network congestion and data storing as per your requirement.
Our technical team will consult and design your park music and announcement system synchronized and operate on touch based digital mapping system through centralized server base application. We provide and design from simple analog system to a complete digital and IP based architecture as per budget of customer. We provide solution for speaker that is completely all weather outdoor system with back bone designed over TCP/IP.
We design solution for your Centralized FAS and BMS system. The centralized FAS system will be monitored by individual indoor rides through a digital floor mapping system and integrated to your central command centre for emergency alert. Centralized BMS system will control and monitor your operation efficiency and expenses. It take care of your Grid, sub-station, WTP, FTP, HVAC system together.
We design your parking management system with IN and OUT traffic flow from main entrance to parking zones vehicle counts. We provide you an application which supposed to be a revenue center with completely automated POS system.
Customer need leisure, entertainment and comfort while inside attraction or outside common areas. Let them engage in your retail and restaurants by eating and buying experience. Why not experience them ride and attraction footprint on your mobile and spend time till customer get called by SMS or TP portal. This will make your customer engaged and increase your revenue. Rubysoft will study your requirement and develop business and customer engagement solution.
We do website for online booking for B2C | B2B | B2W. In addition we design your corporate booking, Institutional booking from business channel managers and hotels. A user friendly mobile application that take care of your online booking, parking ,buying and park guide.

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