Basantika Family

About Basantika Family

Basantika name derive from my Mother Basanti Dash. This house built by my father Debabrata Dash and named it Basantika.

Debabrata Dash (Head of Family-Father)

Basanti Dash ( Mother)

Prativa Sadangi (Elder Daughter) ——Hemanta Kumar Sadangi ( Son in Law)

Priyabrata Dash ( Elder Son)——– Rajashree Dash ( Daughter in Law)

Pranati Dash ( Daughter)——- Prabhat Ku Dash ( Son in Law)

Priti Satapathy ( Daughter)—– Sabyasachi Satapathy ( Son in Law)

Swapnabrata Dash (Younger Son)——Madhuchanda Dash ( daughter in Law)


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